The Warrior's Rest

Hello there!, i’ve just made another artwork and, as usual, it’s running on Unity Game engine but Blender was used here to create my assets (except terrain megascans ofc).

I’ll let you guys the link to my artstation and a sketchfab model of the sword. Any constructive critique is welcomed, so i can make better artworks.

Also some Cycles renders here of this blade:

I hope you like it, see ya! ^^


Absolutely hit the nail with this one. I can’t wait to see more of Zack in the remake and this just screamed Advent Children ending to me all over again. So, so very amazing.

I also love the buster sword. It’s incredibly detailed and looks justlike the remake version.
Great Job!!

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Thank you so much again !!! :slight_smile: I might do some new ff7 related asset ^^