The Watch!

get the nodes set up for the iceberg

I will check if I have one

got an old one in blender internal
one mat and 3 texture
don’t know needs to be updated to cycles!

happy bl

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Thank Ricky but i am aiming at doing everything in Eevee to see what i can get from it and so far i am seriously impress with it!

most effects are fake so EEVEE is not physically realist
but the fake effects are very nicely done

you can make cycles nodes for material and set up EEVEE parameters and it will render it
so easy to go from cycles to EEVEE for most materials

happy bl

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I have been involved in the game business almost all my life and that’s where i learn how to fake almost everything for real time rendering so for me Eeevee is like home!

There is limit but these limits are fading fast and i am also playing with a glass shader since i was not satisfied with default result.

for transmiss and shadow glass
you need to set some parameters kin material and render panel too

and need to add some lightprobe X 2

happy bl

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@polynut Did you ever get to that ocean foam tute? I’d be interested in it! Thx.

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Hi Chipp, yes i will do it as soon as i finish the scene since currently i am unwrapping the u-boat and i had some bad news regarding my brother health so i was kind of in a state of shock this week.


A little update, i was not satisfy with the exterior hull and saddle tanks so i went the extra mile to put welding lines and i modify the hull so you can see the oil canning effect create by sheet metal pressure on hull ribs.

Now this u-boat is going to the paint room so next update will show texture progress.


well to be blunt I think its kick ass !

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Thank TC5051 and the texture model is progressing and i will soon post some images, i was busy making depth charges explosion for a short animation.

I am also very happy with the underwater shader i made for it.

@polynut amazing model ! great job
with the iceberg it’s going to be awesome.

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Well i am not a young lad either and ww2 specially naval history was always a fascinating subject to me and i also play silent hunter a lot in the past.

I want to recreate the Das boot depth charges scene since in my opinion it was the only part of the movie that was not very good.

Thank BD3D and the scene is underway with a surprise feature in it!

will follow along and check it out

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how long did it take you to learn blender well enough to do this and how long did it take? it really is amazing

My 3D career beginning was under DOS in 3ds max(i know I’m getting older) so i have 18 years in the cg industry mainly in game development.

I switch to Blender a few month ago so for me it was a little easier since i know how 3d geometry software work in general.

But anyone with patience and dedication can learn how to do this in roughly 2 to 3 month depending on how fast you can learn it since some seem to have a gift for learning fast.

The rest would be you own personal skills like proportion and knowing how to size object correctly.

well that explains it, nothing like experience, and it really shows you should use it to make your own game not many good naval games out there.

I was also teaching at college and some students were really good at it in no time.

I thought about a game in the past but unfortunately the simulation genre is pretty much dead as we speak and i am not a fan of arcade stuff like war thunder and the like.

I know what you mean was gonna try but it is easier to add and mod a new section to skyrim for me than reinvent the wheel,.as you said sims are loosing ground and arcade are not for me ether.

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Good effect with the welds and oil canning.

What methods did you use for each (bump, normals, geometry…)? I’m going to have to do this myself at some point, might as well use the same technique you did.

What is your process for painting? Do you use UDIMs and/or 3D painting software?

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