The Watch!

Hi Mark,

Just a simple inset on the selected faces here how ;

For painting i am sticking with Blender because i want this project to show blender capabilities. I have both 3d coat and substance painter but i will not use them on the watch.

I just make large map for large area and procedural with blender painting mask.

I will soon show texture progress and i am very please with the underwater shader i made, all will be share once i am done.

I listen to this great compilation and i got really inspire for this project, i always like to put myself in the ambience with era music ;

A little update since i just finish the G7a German torpedo, i will need it for an animation i am planning;

Going to the texture room now!

Very early test on iceberg shader and look very promising and the secret is to paint sss manually and the same goes with ice.

I want to have some of the iceberg similar to these pictures here ;


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Working on the snow material part and there is many options here since there is almost all type of snow on various iceberg;


Are you familiar with WOTA?

I saw it once but i never play, look like a nice little simulator but since i start making my game i don’t have time for anything else if i want to finish it before i die!

I was looking for more reference material about iceberg and i stumble upon this masterpiece from mother nature it’s call the cathedral iceberg ;


Your submarine reminded me immediately of WOTA. However, the developer of WOTA never finished, although he is very talented and has done excellent work. He’s been slowly developing on and off for over 10 years!!! If only all this talent could be put together…

My first game on mobile was also a submarine simulation :slight_smile:

But I’m curious why you’re working so hard on scenery, ocean and materials in Blender if you’re developing a submarine game?? How does this fit in your workflow?

The torpedo and ice are looking great.

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Hi Dex,

Not surprising since i remember that i evaluate the amount of time it would have take me alone to make such a game and i came to roughly 10 to 12 years!

You have to model all the ships and there was an astounding amount of them both merchants and military.

You need to have a solid team to make something like that and also you have to go with your time and simulation are almost a dead genre today.

I am not developing any submarine game it’s already mention in upper post, it is simply a project i did to learn how to get to speed in Blender and i am only working on it spare time like 8 to 10 hr weekly.

I also want to give back to this community since they give me a lot so i plan to release video tutorials about an advanced ocean shader including underwater + everything i made for this project except the submarine since i don’t want to see it for sale on turbocrooks or any other 3d models Shylock out there.

Agreed. Solo, part-time game development can take a long time. Most people also suffer from the same rookie problem by starting out with an upside down workflow, which means they never get to a finished product.

I won’t ask about the game as I assume you don’t want to elaborate on that.

Funny you should mention water shaders. That I also had to wrestle with - mainly Cg and GLSL, which one can program and then pass into Unity3D. Which shader language are you using for your advanced ocean shader, or do you just mean blender’s node editor?

The images you’ve posted with your ocean and the ice look really good.

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After almost 18 years if i got only one dollar for all the games project that went belly up i would be rich!

The game i am making is no secret but i am trying not to talk too much about it because other devs are often stealing idea and i don’t want to see my concept get release before i finish my own.

It’s mainly a shooter with a very original concept and storyline.

The shader is from Blender nodes but any nodes system is like graphic coding and they often can be transfer to unity or UE4 and the one i am making will be easily transferable to UE4 blueprint but it should probably work with unity plugin shader forge.

Hi guy’s,

I finally got something worth showing regarding the foam, still need a few tweak but getting there.

It’s part procedural and the use of an image texture with a transparency mask.

I am very happy with the mask for the transparency of the foam over the waves.

The setup make it very easy to control density and dispersion in a realistic way. I will do some animation test later on.


Another close up view from the wave crest ;

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Just made a few test to validate if my idea of using an sss mask would work for simulating depth in water around iceberg with Eevee and it seem that it will work.

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I am surprised how good that simple technique hold on even on a close up view at viewing angle.


how did you do it ?
seem to be using a HDRI world image?

is it ?

happy bl

Hi Ricky yes it’s light with an hdri only no additional light yet but i will add at least 1 or 2 to get a better sss effect on the iceberg since hdri alone is not enough.

The illusion of depth transparency is done via a simple sss mask.

can you show the water mask !

what is the nodes set up you use for the water ?

could also have been done with some simple diffuse glossy and transp node

happy bl