The Waterstrider and the Watchmaker

This is another short video from my alternative reality series, a reality that parted from ours, when Napoleon won at the battle of waterloo. In this short movie our hero, takes his speedboat for a spin. The accopanying music is the second half of the the title track of an album of mine entitled “The Mad Monk and the Mountain”.
There are mountains in this video but no monks.


I’ve uploaded this pic so I can have a preview thumbnail.

Nice camera work.

Just for the record, this is what the boat looks like in solid view.This was created by using 3 particle systems, one for the bow wave, and one for each of the paddle wheels. The particle system is set to object, and consist of a bunch of white dots spattered onto a plane set to alpha hashed in the materials tab. In solid view it looks like this. (I assure you there is a boat in there somewhere). The water was done using the dynamic paint function, both for the displacement, but also for the foam, in which I used a wetmap as an animated stencil. The foam itself was created using an animated noise texture, set to both colour and also height, using a bump node.