The Weekend Challenge Is Over

(ectizen) #1

Well, it’s over.

It’s been fun, quite difficult at times, even challenging.
But ultimately, it’s simply too much for me - too stressful, for several reasons.

When I originally drew up the rules for the Weekend Challenge, I had this day in mind - I knew I wouldn’t last forever. With that in mind, I tried to design a system that could be run by just about anybody. I think I succeded.
If someone wants to take over the role of organiser, all you need is moderator access to the Weekend Challenge forum. If you want to maintain the archive portion of the Hall of Fame and thumbnail hosting, you’ll also need a web host (and the hall of fame archive so far, found here - please be gentle, it’s about 1.9MB, and you’ll be pulling it the wrong way through a 56k link). The dominatrix is now unavailable. Best of the Best and its prize are optional - contact imgranpaboy for details of the previous prize.
If you do want to take over, I’d advise going through the rules carefully, and adjusting them as required. I’ll also suggest adding a 24 hour delay between the close of entries and the start of voting. Good luck!

Thanks to all those who particated over the past few months, both the entrants and voters. Yes, even you :slight_smile:

(blengine) #2

no dont do that dude! cmon man we love u for this! this is the coolest steady contest blenders ever had =(

thanks u so much for hosting it as long as u did, but wont u reconsider?

aaaaaaaa i feel aweful for this!

(BgDM) #3

Well now, doesn’t this just suck the monkey’s tit!!

Thanks for everything ectizen. This has been a great contest for all of us.

Maybe Kib can keep this rolling along with the other Moderators? Please!!


(harkyman) #4

Thanks, ectizen. I never participated, but I always looked and voted. I think that the WC upped both the quality and expectations of Blender artwork.

(pofo) #5

Too bad.
But I know how much time even a seemingly simple project can eat up (expecially something like this that repeats periodically every week).
It’s admirable that you’ve managed to keep it up this long.

8) pofo

(S68) #6


Sob… it’s over, and I never ever get close to the first prize


Thank you so much for all the fun we had :slight_smile:


(SGT Squeaks) #7

ya its been great!!! thanks man. you deserve a special collectors limited edition Sargent Squeaks emoticon for all your hard work!!!

Once again, thanks.

(Idgas) #8

Damn good job man. I only got to participate in the last two but it was fun. I wish you would reconsider your decision to stop but thats your choice i guess. I hope it keeps you up at night wishing you had kept on going, loss of sleep, change in your bowl movements.

No but really you did a good job from what i could see and i appreciate your patience with all of us wierdoz. Any way thanks again.

(Andy Goralczyk) #9

ARGH… nooooooo
… and i entered only 2 times…
well, anyways, ectizen… you’ve done a great job.

(9) #10

I followed the WEC since I am on Elysiun. So if it is the end I’m proud of being in the last one.
You did a really great job handling all that. The contest is now rather popular (man look at the visits!! Ohooo look at the votes!!!) The concept was an amazing creativity improver I guess, for all of us. For me at least: I learned so much during my only participation.

Very stimulating and above all FUN!!

I hope you will find the rest you deserve ( :wink: ), and that the succesion will be worthy!!

Thanks again Ectizen, beau travail!!



(macouno) #11

Ectizen… sorry to see you go but I understand your reasoning. It’s a lot of work. you’ve done a brilliant job!!! and i think we all agree on that.

If people want, I can try to run it for a bit. I ahve enough space/bandwidth on my host, and am willing to give it a go even though I’m not an administrator.

(Yamyam) #12

Thank you, ectizen. We’ve enjoyed this contest so much!

(Idgas) #13

Just out of curiosity has anyone decided to pick up where Ectizen left off. It sure would be nice. I have learned more technich (not sure of the spelling) in the last two WC then I have in the last 4 months of useing Blender. It sure would be nice. :slight_smile:

(macouno) #14

read here please??


([email protected]) #15

thanx for the time and effort ec i am proud to say i participated and even had the role of making somem of the worst pics and boosting the overall look of everyone elses pictures heheh :wink:

(rwenzlaff) #16

Perhaps there’s a way to automate some of the tasks, so all you have to do is enter a topic once a week?