the weight of inflaction(inflation):-?

one fast work, I had’nt much time;

any suggestions?

Dont tell me those white dots are suposed to be stars. :slight_smile:

I like the concept, and the planet textures.

What i dont like is the sun… its nice, but kindof doesnt fit in there, or brings too much attencion in my opinion.

yea… the white things that i think r supposed to b stars are a little large… and the sun makes the picture look kind of cartoony… I suggest using a halo for the sun… it looks far more realistic… also, the atmosphere seems a little bit offf… i’m notsure what it is, maybe a little tooo see through… or a little too close to the planet idk… maybe a little more specularity on the oceans… the concept is pretty cool tho… good work

Maybe i’m thinking of a different word, but i’m pretty sure it’s spelt INFLATION, plz edit that ‘c’ out now, it’s killing me. but forgetting the grammer/spelling, an amzing composition, good set-up and good concept. the only 2 things that really need work:
-the texture for the oceans
in my opinion the sun looks amazing the way it is, leave it be.
good job, post any updates, i’m intrested in seeing any changes.

for a super high def image of earth and its oceans visit HERE and get the one called “topographic & bathymetric shading” it has a 21600 x 10800 96 dpi image map :o
And for the stars you can make your own image map using THIS tutorial. Also the planet could use a halo type effect to show the atmosphere, unless you are not trying to go for that type of realism.

The water texture is too repetitive, you should scale it up or something. You can see vertical “lines” in the pattern. I like the rest, especially the effect of the coin hitting the earth.

excuse me for my english, i’m italian!!(INFLATION :-? :smiley: )

this picture would be a satirical picture,and not a real picture!!
this was the motive because the textures for the stars and the oceans were too large :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to have a satirical picture and not a perfect and real picture!!

I hope that it likes you!! :smiley:

this picture would be a satirical picture,and not a real picture!!

You should never use that as an excuse to be lazy.

maybe :wink: