The Weightlifter (Short Film)

My most recent short film (took me about 8 months to complete), about a weightlifter and an angry rabbit.
I know it’s not perfect, so feel free to critique.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (

The character animation was great. The Camera animation… Not so great. You can clearly see that in still shots, that shows one part of the scene, the camera was bobbing in different directions. Almost unnoticeable, but to the observant eye, it can be annoying and drags attention away from the characters.

Pretty great character animation indeed! And I do agree with the XeroShadow that the camera shake / hand held-style was not a good thing. Also those jump cuts when the rabbit was dealing with weights were somewhat clumsy.

I tried to focus on the character animation more then anything, but i’ll try to consider better camera movements the next time I try this.

You did a real good job animating these characters… I’m working on character animation right now and I have a new appreciation for just how difficult it is to get it right.

As others mentioned the camera decisions need some improvement, but great job on putting this together.

The characters’ movements were fine. There was nothing wrong with it. It was the camera that was wobbling.