The Weird Gotha 244

Having an unusual design, this plane caught my attention though.

Then here it is according to my modeling, and an interesting picture of a real one.

Some information I’ve found about it on the net:

The Gotha Go 244 was the powered version of the assault glider Go 242.
The glider entered service in 1942. At the same time, a portion of
these gliders were motorized thanks to many Gnome-Rhone captured french engines.
So it was the Go-244, which was capable of transporting 23 fully equipped soldiers;
or equivalent weight in military loads, such as a Kubelwagen utility vehicle,
loaded through the hinged rear fuselage.

Modelling is good but texture isn’t that good u should show some dirt on the textures.

Interesting plane :slight_smile: Like an old time C-5 Galaxy.

I too would like some dirt on top of the textures.

Dear N3M3SiS,

Could you please teach to everybody how to “dirty”, the textures, ok?

I can send the .blend file for you.

Possibly Guiseppe may help you.

making textures seem aged and worn is a huge topic for tutorials - google will should you heaps of stuff to get going.
in short - get some dirt or stain images form, overlay those images on your plane textremaps in gimp, and edit them so they put dirt in the places that would have dirt and wear, - such as around the engine exhaust pipes.
the texturing as it stands looks too large in scale for the plane,
the plane is flying in a fairly clear sky, so the shadows should be much sharper - not that overcast shadow you’ve currently got.
I wouldn’t call it finished yet, but its close, for these reasons

Hi dvandamme,

Would you like to have my .blend file to show all your skills in texturing and shadowing?

Here’s a picture of the real thing to help you.

sorry, no, i have too many other things filling up my time. you just need practice to take your model up a few levels in quality. having me do your work won’t make you any better at all

When I looekc at the title the first htign that came to my mind was the Gotha Go229 ( But I see since I didn’t remember the nubmer of the 229 I thought it might be yours but alas I’m msitaken. Interesting design though and nice model. Good job, the only crit I got is that the textures seem to be repeating a lot.