The Weirdest Digital Camera Question Ever

Hello guys,
I have an idea for what could potentially be an interesting art project. My concept is that I would wear a small camera at all times, which would take photographs frequently, at least six times an hour. Preferably they would be of acceptably good quality and it would consume a minimum of batteries. It also has to be fairly small. I doubt there is a camera on the market that can do this out of the box, do you guys know what would be the simplest way to accomplish something like this? I suspect some sort of modification will be required.

Hey, I warned you it was a weird question.

Not so weird. Also not so novel, it’s been done several times before. Check out Steve Mann, a proponent of wearable computers who’s apparently trying to turn himself into a Borg. You used to be able to log in and see what he was seeing 24/7.

Sorry I can’t help you with the hardware but I’m sure there’s something out there. How small does it need to be? Spy-size, like a button? Or just lightweight?

so lets say u have to go take a wizz… and it happend to take a snap shot at a certain time… would that be concidered art? either way i think thats a cool idea, reminds me of that "took a picture of me every day for the past year " thing

not a wierd question…anyways…my mom has a pretty good sony cybershot wich i used to take a lot of pictures during my puerto rico vacation…he batterries lasted pretty long and the camera took really good pictures…(and ive discovered i have a talent for digital photography XD). Id recommend that camera.

I was thinking of doing what you’re talking about… I have an old digital camera and I was thinking about hacking it and putting together a little timer circuit from spare parts to take a picture every few minutes.

The only difference is that I was thinking of putting it in my car. When I was first thinking about it, our apartment complex was having a string of car breakins, and I was curious whether someone was loitering in the parking lot. But I wasn’t sure that the camera would be able to see anything useful through the tinted back window of my car, at night, no less, so I never actually got around to trying it.

Also, my car is rarely in restrooms, so it avoids certain, um, potentially awkward scenarios…:smiley:

Alas, this is yet another idea I never got around to… :frowning:


Please look here.

This wouldn’t be a webcam per se. It would take the pictures and store them, then I would review them later. What I need is a small camera which would take pictures automatically. Does anyone know how to accomplish that?

I was thinking of actually modifying the hardware on my old camera… wiring the “take a picture” button to something like this:

… but I would probably have put something together from spare parts instead, or used a microcontroller.

It would be easier if the camera had a setting for this… :rolleyes:


Did you take a look at the link I posted?

Thank you Inmare, that’s perfect. The first time I looked at it I didn’t notice the technical stuff, I thought you were just trying to show me a similar project.

yeah as soon as i saw this i also thought of steve mann! he can be seen wandering the halls of the university of toronto bumping into things while attempting to check his email on his sunglasses

Search for cameras with an “Intervalometer” or interval shooting. That will automatically take a pic at a certain interval that you set. Many Canons have that feature. has good information such as battery life etc. Their search feature doesn’t seem that great though.