The Westerwind: Microdemo

Here’s a sneak peak of the game we’re working on, it’s called The Westerwind: Chapter I. The mircdemo, as well as chapter I are made in Blender Publisher 2.25.

I’m wondering how well this game runs on your systems, on mine (1.2 Duron, Geforce FX 5600, 786 MB RAM) it runs at 59 fps.

W,A,S,D: move around
SPACEBAR: action
BACKSAPCE: removes details

We hope chapter I will be done my the New Year, :wink:

Anyway here’s the blend

and a screen

Cool game… the character rotated too fast on my comp…

havent tryed it yet, put please put controls that everybody can use (i have an azerty keyb)

The graphics are great overall.

54 fps on my system
IBM T-30
P4 1.6 GHz
256 MB Memory
ATI Mobile Radeon 7500

Hmm, when the main character goes real close to the barrels all the way to the left the camera starts shaking. Might be some collision boundaries acting up.

I must also say, great file size, only 1.22 MB. WOW!!!

2 Suggestions

  1. BACKSPACE get’s rid of all the details. You should also have an option to get the details back.
  2. The characters look great, but are kind of lifeless. Add some idle animations to the guards and definitely to the main character. The Head tracking for one of the guards was a good start to making the guard seem alive.

Jason Lin


866 PentIII 256mbRam
ATI All-in-Wonder 128

Cool! It runs great for me, 512 ram and a 1.8Ghz processor. :slight_smile:

I agree with goldentaiji, though. The guards are too rigid, and such, but I love the way the “action text” pops into the action box. Very cool.

Anyway, you should be able to toggle the details, instead of just getting rid of them, and the title screen should show him walking in the moonlight, instead of just having a picture. It has a LOT of potential, though. Keep up the good work. :smiley:

Cool, i’m seeing we are doing similar games: conversations, characters, items, etc… i hope you finish it properly :smiley:

BTW, i think the main character is a bit speedy, but i really like the graphics.

Keep up the good work :wink:

Thanks guys

I forgot to mention that padplus is zoom in. Right now I’m working on idle animations for my main character, I’m trying to use IPO’s in the guards and other people etc for idle animations, becuase I find that too many armatures slow stuff down.

I’d like to be able to make the grass sway in the wind, but i can’t find an efficient way, without slowing the game down

Wow this demo is really MICRO! Have you tried an ipo for the grass? If you make the bottoms the right shape going into the ground, then when it rotates it might look ok. Game ran fine for me on an ati 7500. Hmm, I’m on linux as well just like shaba. Why did you get 8fps and I get 30? We have similar cards and processors.

Anyway, give the main character some more rot damp so he doesnt spin out of control :slight_smile:

this is amazing, it ran 30fps on my computer heblend

NICE WORK! :smiley: I want to see more of this! Please don’t stop working on this Game. It’s magnificent!
(85 fps on 2,1Ghz)

It’s very small but is good.
On my computer 2,4 Ghz Video Card 128 MB there are 115 ftp and it works exellent in game engine 2.25 and also in the 3.34 but quite bad in the 3.35a but it’s not important :slight_smile:
I hope you finish this game soon.
Uh, I hope also you write a history for the complete game.

Good work!

very awsome! might wanna add radiosity to scene… its somewhere in the python and plugins forum jms made it… What I mean is Radiosity remove all uvmaiing so all you do is have the same meshes one with uv and one with radio… then it make one with both uv and radio…

btw I get 30 fps if I hit backspace I get 30-60 fps

Very nice work. You might want to make it so that you can rotate the camera, but that will probably be in the full thing anyway.

Anyway, give the main character some more rot damp so he doesnt spin out of control

hmmm…, on my computer he spins normally, but i will give him rot damp, hopefully this will stop the problem.

If you make the bottoms the right shape going into the ground, then when it rotates it might look ok

I don’t think this would work, since all the grass is one object

We won’t be able to rotate the camera, because the grass is one sided, also many houses don’t have a front to them, becuase you can’t see it form that view, so rotating the camera will show this, and we’re trying to save fps.

:smiley: wow! This is very special. I love the guy movements. Your design skill is great.

No, rot damp is framerate-dependent. Use AngV instead.

Oh no all the grass and trees are flashing, Nooooooooooo.

anyway, other than the flashing stuff its cool. I’am amazed i could play it without it running slowly.

I guess no one has this flashing problem :frowning:

Which version did you use? THe game was made with 2.25 as he said, so did you try it with that?

R2Bl3nd, This was your third post right after mine, and again its in a nagative attitude. :frowning:

or am I just taking this the wrong way?

sorry for off-topic