The Westland Lysander Mk.III (SCW)

Hey!, I’ve been working in blender for a year or two and have yet to post work here but here’s the first post with a long overdue project - The Westland Lysander Mk.III (SCW)

I had a lot of fun making this and as I hadn’t approached a vehicle of this size and complexity before it was a decent challenge, especially for the radial engine and getting the interior details right, particularly the cockpit dials.

Still a new user so can only post one image but the Interior images, details and other projects are here if you’re interested. - ArtStation - Matt

The Model was created in blender with textures created in Substance Painter/Designer then rendered in EEVEE.

Cheers! :grinning:

(Edit - Now a basic user! and have uploaded the rest of the renders)


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Cheers Bart! :slight_smile:

Very nice! The renders are a little dark. It’s hard to see all the details that I’m sure are there.

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Wow looks amazing! I love the amount of details you put into it! How long did it took you to do this?

Cheers Mark! You’re quite right with the lighting, definitely an oversight I’ve made even outwith this project in the past, hopefully get it fixed for future work. Appreciate the feedback :grinning:

Cheers dude! Many many months haha, it became more of a research project than a modelling one at some points, can’t really visit museums and such at the moment, so finding the reference for this models interior was a bit of a nightmare.

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This is amazing! Is it ok if I feature it in a small video on youtube? I will credit you ofcurce!

As long as your use case is reasonable, (featuring it for historical or blender art related reasons) then I wouldn’t be adverse to the idea of it being used for that sort of thing. Good luck with your video!

That’s really damn amazing my guy

It looks great, the renders are just a bit dark though.

Awesome! I love it.