The 'What To Do' Web Series

Hi guys,

As a follow up to my recently completed short film “Vetri”, I’ve decided to create a web series that informs people ‘what to do’ when they’re stuck in certain situations.

The webisodes were made quickly and the idea is that I want to make a lot of them. Hence quality will take a bit of a backseat. The main target audience I’m going for is the general YouTube audience.

I created this trailer a while back:

All webisodes were made using only Blender (and Cycles) and was setup to render super quick. I plan to release a webisode per month depending on whether I can finish them on time.

Here is the first webisode in the series:


Hahaha, the part with the even more mightier pen is great :slight_smile: Who need a sword, when he has such a mighty pen? Reminds me a bit of Crocodile Dundee.

Altogether the idea is really nice and the slapstick like music from the beginning fits well.