The "What's that Song?" Thread

Have you ever had a tune, lyrics or video clip stuck in your head but can’t remember the name of the song? Well post as much information here as you can about it, and hopefully someone on the forum will be able to help you!

But there is an ulterior motive for making this thread and that’s that I’m the first one to need help! A while ago there was this video clip on the charts, but I’ve since forgotten the song and lyrics (I just remember that I liked it lol). It starts off with a boyfriend and girlfriend waking up in their car after they’ve crashed into a swamp (or something). The car is slowly sinking, but the guy’s seatbelt is stuck, so he tells the girl to leave him, but she refuses. Eventually the car sinks, but they end up getting out after the car has disappeared and they rise to the surface. I also seem to remember that part of the singing took place in like a car wreckers yard or something with piles of crushed cars around the singers (I think). Can anyone help me?
Feel free to post your own song requests as well.

Hmm, well mine goes something like this:

do do da di doo do du dii li la lalalala go do tooo do di du di

Anybody have any idea? Ive been trying to find it for ages…

Sorry bro, but this really doesnt work very well over the net :slight_smile:

Dude! That’s exactly the one I’ve been wondering about!:eek:
(Sorry, I had to say that, but yeah… to find out this stuff you’ll be better off googling the few lyrics you know.)

That song is Incredulous Jack by The Reform

Gah! Thats it!

bends to kiss m3ta’s bulimic feet

You are a skinny visionary!

dude!!! if u play it backwards u can hear satan!!!

haha, ok I get the point lol

The Fray
“How to Save a Life”

OK here it goes… I’ll try to give as much info as possible…
The band has a Disturbed or System of a Down sound. The video had an old guy sitting in a dentist/barber chair kinda thing. Padded room? Or maybe a room with alot of chrome stuff? The person in the chair changed form the old guy to the singer of the group, quick flashes. The song had the singer counting (1, 2, 3 (says something) 4, 5, 6 (says something)) I wish I could remember the words lol!

Hope I was able to give enough.

Thanks in advance.

I have my own song stuck in my head.

I know the artists is Thomas Dolby, and I know it is New Wave. Here are the only lyrics I can remember:

Europa, Europa.

Come in, Come in, Come in, Do you read?

No, wasn’t Thomas Dolby…Harder…more metal sound, not new wave…Thomas Dolby had that song “Science!” lol

OHHHHHHHHHHH…I figured it out!!! Drowning Pool - Bodies!!!

Tynach -
The song that you are looking for is called “Eastern Bloc” by Thomas Dolby