The wheel

Hi all blenderheads !

Here’s a little project of mine, my entry for the weekly cg challenge of last week, topic was Ancient Technology.

My first plan was to achieve this using eevee, but i discovered mesh deform modifiers aren’t yet supported on 2.8… So cycles ! :smiley:

Used Branched Path Tracing to have a better control over my render time.
Images were rendered in 20s for the lighter one, to 3-4 minutes for the bigger, I used 2 computers, with one titan x (a lot of cuda error with this one, didn’t take the time to try different drivers) and a 8 core i7 cpu (5960) 3Ghz, and, for the second computer, a quad core i7 (don’t know the model) and a gtx 980. I used 2 instances of blender on each, to get in the same time a CPU and a GPU render, works great !

The whole process of creating this took me exactly 7 days (not all entirely, i had to deal with my paid work) from concept to sound design. If i had some extra time, i would have add some smoke and dust behind the car, but this wasn’t a priority !

I used mypaint and gimp for concept and some rough texturing, blender for 3d, nuke for compositing z and vector passes, and add some shaky cam sometimes, and after for finishing (some color correction and the in and out credits). Premiere pro for editing !

Hope you will enjoy watching it ! Critiques are always welcome !
Cheers !