The White Oath

Hey everybody,
I haven’t posted on here for quite a while, but I just finished an amateur movie that I thought some of you might enjoy (The White Oath). Most of the special effects are After Effects, but there is a bit of Blender sprinkled here and there.

Also on my myspace is some short public service announcements that I (and other members of a club from my college) did; no blender in those, but feel free to question, comment, or critique any of the videos.

Really good job. The fight with rouge is very good and dynamic, begining with that leaf - very cleaver. And two thumbs up for music and sound effects.

Thank you for the comment Neb, the fight was choreographed by myself (the guy in black) and my friend Duane (the guy in white) over the course of a winter of 03-04, every time I came home from college we would work on it. The Petal (or “leaf”) sequence I actually did first as a 2D sequence, and then when I learned Blender I reworked it in 3D. The music is all original music created by Duane and the sound effects are either originally created by him, or heavily modified by him