The whole green screen aspect?

I have animated something on flash,

I am wondering if I export the flash animation to a .avi file will I be able to insert it into the 3D window and remove it’s background?

I have not experimented with adding movies before but before I go ahead and export the avi I would like to know if it is possible.


I don’t know much about flash, but it’s best if you can export with a transparent background, as GreenScreen compositing can be REALLY hard when the quality is at all degraded.

You could, just as a thought, try animating in Blender. Aafter all, it is a fully functional animation package :wink:


Unfortunately, I don’t think you can export it with a transparent background.

I am purposely trying to integrate 2D and 3D so animating in Blender would defeat that purpose

You cant export with alpha if you are encoding but you can if you dont use compression. Actually you can if you use the On2VP6 codec but I dont know if Blender can read that.

By “integrating 2d+3d” do you mean like in ChibiRobo with the newsreaders being a 2d animation on a 3d TV? Just to get a mental visual.

Export your video with a blue/green (value=255) background - it’s flash, so After Effects or Shake will have no problem extracting an alpha matte from a clean background. Then just export from your compositing app to a video format that supports RGB+Alpha - Quicktime is good. Blender will use the alpha in the video file no problem.