Howdy folks!

its a mea MARIO
i mean WIENSTA!

this is my first post on elysuin.

i ususally post my stuff on the game engine forum, and when i do i always forget the links.

ive never compiled all the work i had done before, so i decided to organise them all now. So here they are. this is about 75% of the good stuff ive done in the last six months. I hope you like it. It includes stuff I did in flash and theres some lifedrawing there too. Its a sort of informal portfolio!

btw: you will need the blender plugin.




Not too good either. Most of the stuff seems pretty simplistic- though alot of stuff I had already seen. This list is a good compilation of work. I like your sketches- your life drawings leave a bit to be desired.

Your blender realtime stuff wasnt all that bad- though it could be better in general.

Overall, pretty good- but, uh, don’t quit your day job just yet.

Your work is awesome. You really know how to command the game engine. I really liked the faces. Post more. Thanks :smiley:

great stuff…yer life drawings are cool, and yer real time stuff is far out cool, and scottish pig isnt cool at all =)
his comments to u were not helpful at alll…saying something could be “generally better” doesnt give anyone an f’in clue as to how to make it better… scott man, tell people how to fix/better/redo stuff… yer replies are useless and unwanted otherwise…
i love yer real time stuff wiensta, the texture had very litle to no distortion on the sides of the faces which is what i usually get alot of when mapping faces… your life skecthes were great, alil simple… have u ever charcoal or pastels for shading?? that might improve them alot… i didnt look at everything so im not sure if your other pictures were charcoal or pastels or not, if so, tell me tell me…
great stuff… i wanna see more, and please do quit yer day job, working sucks =))o[/img]

Yes I like your work a lot as well. I was actually wondering, if anyone here knows of a tutorial or other resource I could find to learn how to do the lifelike texturing on those faces. I can’t figure out for the life of me how to do advanced texturing and it’s really limiting my progress in learning blender. Ok thanks for the post, keep on working on stuff!

Oh and if you find any tutorials or any example blend files I could take a look at, i’d really appreciate it if you’d send them to [email protected] Thanks again


too bad I haven’t got an accellerated video card…


thanks for all your replies. i value them all.

please dont hesitate to vote or reply to this post, it seems i have the most views in the “i made this!” forum (1000+ at present) but just 5 replies!