the winner splash screen

i just upgraded my CVS

and the new splash is

congratulation @ndy

Nice! I think it’s a very good splash screen - I like the fact that you can see that it was made just for this purpose. There were many great entries but I think only few of them would make a decent application splash screen. This is one of them - congratulations, @ndy.


Yeah, that one was better for a splash than the other frog… Well that looks more like some lizard, gekko.

Aya, aye, nice work.
Congrats Andy!

No Dragons!?

Anyway, very nice splash, sure to please me for a good six months.:smiley:

Yes good choice: this image looks like the sound of the word “splash” if you see what i mean… :confused:

Nice! congratulations, @ndy.

Cyborg Dragon wrote: No Dragons!?
All lizards to me:p

Congrats Andy!

yeah Congratulations, you’re splash is pretty cool @ndy

i had not seen your entry before, so i was pleasantly surprised when you won.
i only saw a few splash’es that i thought would look cool as the new blender splash screen.

(one of my favourites is 3 coloured mechanical birds, im sorry but i dont know the artists name)
and then of some tribesman (black man with a turban i think it was, and some net or jewelry down the face)

Congrats. @ndy!
This is a very nice splashscreen ;):D!

Congratulations @ndy! Very nice splash!


gosh, i lost again. Well, enjoy the royalties, @ndy. don’t spend it all in one place. good job. and you BETTER have used SSS on that little guy.

awww so cuteeeeeee

I like it too!
Especialy the happy colors.
Can’t wait to see it in full size…

Looks naughty. All naked pressed onto your screen. :eek:

great you like it! :slight_smile:

Very nice!

1 star! :stuck_out_tongue:


Even if I am quite sad to lose the splash screen I liked best up to now… it was everytime a joy to open 2.43.

…glad I’m not the only one with the gutter-brain :evilgrin: (is it a she-gecko or a he-gecko? I only ask to confirm my masculinity-security thingy…)


Congrats, @ndy. your mechanical tree frog was my favorite though. But this one is without a doubt, cute. It could replace the rubber ducky :slight_smile: