The Winter Fall

Blender Cycles with 1000 samples. Gimp for post production work
My honourable credits to Blenderpedia

quite nice. I like this :slight_smile:

That is an almost exact copy of the tutorial by “Rob Tuytel” from “Blenderpedia”. Link to the tutorial

I’d suggest you actually give credits to the author of the tutorial and for all the materials provided by him that you’ve used in this work

Sorry for my broken English, if so.

@@JungleBrother Yes. its exact same from Blenderpedia. I really want to give credits to them since I’m using their textures.

Got to say…
Am really pissed off some people make such awesome things !

This is so beautifull !

Why can’t i make those kind of things ? 8’(

Anyway, obviously, this work merits congratulation and respect.

I bend in front of such an art.

thanks mate…

Awesome!! very good work, water it’s great, trees are nice and the mist effect it’s good
I will do also this tutorial!

I didn’t know
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Good luck bryan …