the Witch and Frog [Updated May 03]

Hello everyone, wanted to post a recent image that relied heavily on blender for the final stages:
[Updated Version may 03]
Thanks to the kind help of people here, I have updated the final with some changes based on the recommendations:

[Original Version:]

I created the image as part of an informal challenge in the Sculptris forum over on ZBrushCentral. The challenge was to create a witch character in Sculptris.

As a result, most of the modeling and texture painting was done in Sculptris (all except for the stool, floor and walls, were sculptris originated meshes). I used ZBrush for UV mapping and some texture refinement as I struggled through SSS nodes. Blender 2.7 was used for compositing, lighting, materials, a few small models and tweaks.

I Learned a lot about some of Blender’s features that I’ve previously not had much exposure to, such as material nodes, SSS, lighting and rendering. I was pleasantly surprised that blender easily handled the extremely heavy scene (didn’t bother doing much mesh decimation, and nearly all the detail is geometry).

I hope you all like it, and I’d love to hear what I could improve for future efforts… I’m very much a beginner when it comes to the final stages of production!

Thanks for looking!

Let me start by saying WOW. I’m very impressed with everything: modeling, composition, pose, idea, angle cloth and lighting.
Well done!

My crits: The lighting could have been done better. the facial expression could be pushed a lot more extreme, she looks too calm. The left hand could have a better pose for the fingers, help sell the magnitude of the mistake she has made. The textures of the wood look a little plasticky. Most of all, the post-process work could be much improved. More depth of field, maybe some bloom, either more or less saturation, and higher contrast. The Black around her is too much, I would hint at more of a complete scene, or make the lighting much harder. See my attached 5 minute attempt to demonstrate what I mean, of course this should be done with source images not jpg. :slight_smile:

Really nice overall, thanks for sharing. And welcome to the forums, I expect we’ll see some incredible work from you!


Thanks a ton for the crits, all good points!

Definitely should have done something with her left hand – one of the things that I forgot about and regret :slight_smile:

I struggled a bit with her expression, and settled on the somewhat understated version here after looking at a few shots of people at the dawning of surprise. I agree it could be pushed more; especially for telling the story, a more exaggerated version might read better for those not used to staring at it for hours:)

The wood is plasticy – I’m not very good at creating good materials, and didn’t spend nearly enough time trying to get the wood right. I’ll do more work on that!

Post-work – Thanks for your input. That paintover is a help to show how things could be improved with a little saturation, etc. The initial plan was for there to be a furnished room behind her, but an accidental render test created a nearly black room with the silhouetted window and I liked how it eliminated distracting background detail. Perhaps I should revisit that and see if there might be a happy middle ground.

Again, thanks for your time in looking at this… always looking to improve and crits are very helpful!


The witch looks really, really good!
I have nothing to criticizes but what’s already been said by 3dementia: reduce the spec on the wood and add a bump map, light up the background and give it some details. You could also give it a better looking sky texture.

Otherwise, it’s really good… She’s so sexy XD
Well done!

Excellent sculpting and a great scene, oofnish!!!
Some more work on lighting, especially for walls and window. Even using some PP.
Pity not to have you in new sculptris beta testing, we could have a lot of fun.

That’s a lovely face she has. The wood does need a bit of work, but other than that it looks awesome. Great angle, scene, and everything. This would make a great wallpaper.

Thanks, Linuus A sky and a creepy tree would probably be great in the window :wink:

Michalis: Thanks … I too wish I was in the sculptris beta… I was like 30 seconds too late in hearing about the signup for it… :wink: What do you mean by PP?

Thanks Phaser… I’ll have to give the wood another go… not sure about wallpaper, but maybe that too :slight_smile:

love it. what everyone else has said would make it perfect.

PostProcess =pp . Usually using Ps or Gimp. Painting over, lighting effects, overlays etc.

The girl is really sexy lol, excellent sculpting.

I saw this on sculptris forum. Character is great, bur render, as 3dementia wrote, could use some love.

i think it’s awsome, apart from your use of the halo material.

instead, i would set the particle rendering to object, use a small sphere with an emit value, move it to another layer and stick a glare filter on it.

also, maybe some green light coming off the leg???
(just a suggestion :wink: )

Sam M: Thanks!

Michalis: ah of course, thanks … Need a lot more than just Post processing on the walls and window, but that’s also clearly something I’ll work on. Thanks for the kind words about the sculpting

JoseConseco: Yep, sadly not sure if the ‘contest’ will ever be done over there haha. Rendering’s my skill frontier at this point, I’ll try a little more with this scene to see if I can make some strides. Hope people won’t mind me WIP-ing this one a little bit. Perhaps I should start a forum thread in the WIP or critique area for that…

Thanks! Yeah the halo material is pretty cheesy, and while I was going for cheesy with it, I didn’t really have time to spend to make it look very good. It’s not a particle system at all yet, simply a torus around the leg, and a deformed cylinder near the brush (right hand). the halo material let me put points where I wanted them quickly… I’ll investigate a real particle system. Also, there IS a green light coming from the leg… a bit faint. I tried to use an emit stencil and indirect lighting but I couldn’t get that to work. (The emit worked… but made the foot look very unfinished as the texture there relies on rendered shading. )

ahh i see, i suppose you could use duplifaces instead, but i dont want to force you into a re-render :wink:
it’s a brilliant piece either way.
EDIT: i’ve now noticed the green light :stuck_out_tongue: silly me

Like others have said with the crits, but for me I think it looks sexxy, but I am just one of those kina geeks.

Casio: Duplifaces aren’t that much different than what I’m doing I guess. A real particle system is probably just as easy and will look better. Enough things were brought to my attention by people here that I’m giving this one another go before I move on, so I’m going to rerender anyway.

Rallici: glad you dig it :slight_smile:

Hope people won’t mind me WIP-ing this one a little bit.

I don’t mind at all. its a finished project anyway. Just some fine adjustments, thats all.

Hello again! I took the opportunity to put a little more effort into this image – the new final result can be found in the first post. Was hoping to get it to update the thread’s thumbnail, but apparently that didn’t happen (anyone know how to do that?)

Changes in this version:
-better wood material for the stool and vanity.
-updated pose for the left hand
-redone background
-color adjustments and lighting tweaks

Also, here are a couple other views in case anyone’s interested

Thanks for looking!


Awesome. Great concept.

What a lovely witch! lol

I love the new lighting looks amazing.