The Witch is cooking

I got the idea to model a witch, maybe because Halloween is coming, I don’t know it.:sweat_smile:

For modeling I only focused on the things I see through the camera. So don’t wonder this witch has no legs. I made a Screenshot that shows this.

All background elements are just simple models. So I did not waste any time to things that are blurry in the background. That is also a very important lesson, because I makes no big difference to have highly detailed elements that appear at the end only as simple shapes. Same for shading.

First I had in mind to mix 3d with 2d. But I was not happy with the result. But the sketch I made was a good reference to build up my scene.

I mostly use Cycles for rendering, so I thought this is not meant to be super realistic so i can use Eevee. I loved that the feedback of my lighting and shading is so fast. So I could change thinks in realtime. Of course Cycles X is also there, but for me it’s to experimental at the moment. I used volumetric lighting in Blender, which makes the whole mood much more interesting.

I did also a little things adjustments in Gimp.


:smiley: :+1:
Great work, congrats.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much. Have a great weekend too :grinning:

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