The Wizard Project - Update. 01.05.2014 [ new video ]

Hello every one!

I have been working as an side project as i haven’t had access to my main computer where i keep almost everything related to blender. This project where at first nothing serious but rather just something that i did for fun. how ever as the project evolved I tout that it where rly fun to work on and that it might be an fun game, if it just get some more love and time in to it. Thats why i’m making this thread, as I won’t be able to finish this game on my own, but if some of you guys are interested in helping me out I thing we might be able to do something nice and fun out of it.

…anyway here is the game ide’:

You (the main player) play as an powerful Wizard whit your friends online or if you like to, on your own. The main Objective of the game is to level your character, do quests, kill mobs, explore the world and kill bosses. there will be many different game modes, including:

*Open World - in this mode you can explore the world and do quests.
*Arena - in this mode you fight for survival in an arena, the arena will support many different modes:
** pvp and mass pvp - in this mode you fight against other players for survival (only online )
** pve - in this mode you fight against hordes of npc’s
** Pvb - in this mode you fight against an boss npc
** tvt - in this mode you and your friends fight against other players for survival of the team (only online )
** more…
*Race - in this mode you need to get to an objective within an certain time-limit or before your enemies gets there

This is the ide’ for mechanic’s of the game:

Every player starts whit the same skills unlocked, you chose during game what skill to use - this mean that an player can build there own style, and if it didn’t work out change it at any time. there will be 6 category’s of skills, and the player will only be allowed to have 1 active from every category.
The skill-types are:
Projectile- here are projectile skills, as fireball, iceball , mm
Illusion - here are illusion skills as teleport, invisibility, mm
Splashing - here are ground hitting skills ( this are to be used when hitting the ground after a fall)
Divinity - here are healing and boosting skills
Focus- this is mostly passive and is powering up the player
good/evil - this skills are the only once that can NOT be chosen by the player. this skill will automatically be pickt based on how good or evil the player is.

the good/evil status is picked based on the previously actions of the player, for example if the player murder an other player, he get an more evil status, then if th instead heal or save the player he gets an nicer status.

the players don’t unlock any new skills whit higer levels but they do unlock more skins for the character (this don’t affect the game-play) whit higher level the player will also be able to take on special quests and kill special mobs.

ofc as I’m hoping to make this an team project this isn’t any sat goals for the game, but rather guidelines of what i hope that the outcome will look like.

I will not make this game whit hi end graphics’s, the graphical goal is to be compared whit an Nintendo 64 game. this have many reasons, one is that i love lowe poly models, bet also that in order to have many mobs and players at the same time it is best if they are as light as posible to run in the game engine.

Now when i have pressented the prodject to you guys here is the progress of what i have done so far:

  • made some basic/placeholding models for the game.
  • an basic server whit a feaw commands
  • synced animations and spells
  • some basic spells for the player to use:
    ** fireball , Iceball, canonball, heal, healing circle, rais ground, teleport, smash ground - this spells are synced for multiplayer
  • basic life system
  • movement
  • save script for chosen spells
  • basic spell picking menu
  • more…

Here is an video showing 2 players, moving around and using some of the spells.

Now then, what do you get for joining this project and my team?

  • well, as i have no plans of selling the game, i won’t pay anything for the help. if you decide to help me whit this it need to be bco the fact that you think it is fun and like the ide’

this is the team that I’m looking for, if you find see yourself in any one of this rolls, feel free to pm me or leav an comment here:

highly needed:

  • low poly designer/modeller
  • Texture and grafic deesigner
  • Sound compositor (for game music/sounds)
  • voice actors (whit good or decent english)
  • some one whit good idea’s
  • python coder
  • some one whit decent idea’s

Even if you don’t want to join me on this, plz give an comment and tell me what you tout of the game ide’?
all feedback is appreciated , positive as negative!

… and sry for my bad spelling during this post


serious question based on curiosity- how do you make it an online game if you’re not making money from it to buy server space? or do i just not know what i’m talking about?

good question, I can see now that I weren’t very clear on this in the description.
So the plan is NOT to make an mmorpg, or mmo, but that there will be many smaller servers instead hosted by the users, I will give an option in the game to host you own server, so that ppl can join your game if you like them to.

this is an good way of keeping servers running for free. and if there is no servers up, the player can always host their own.

however there are some downsides to this kind of hosting, When i’m doing it this way i will need to save al the player data on the local machins of the user.

I hope that this gave you some answers :slight_smile:

Allot of things have been changed and inproved in this game, I will make this an quick uppdate, so here u go:

Updated the game to use the latest version of blender

Added to the game:
*First World map whit LOD , this ain’t done jet, but at least an prototype ia added
*2 types of trees, bouth whit LOD
*1tpye of rock, whit LOD
*Water, LOD
*first town , also whit LOD (still need alot of inprovments)
*Controlable Air Ship, thit LOD (yes it work’s on lan to)
*Camera colition
*inproved movement script
*1 new spell: Iceboll
*alot of inprovements on alredy existing scripts
*Server inprovments, and commands.

…and here are some screans:
Air Ship:

Castle Town: (this is going to stand in an snowy part of the game, not in an green as in the pic)


I’m Still locking 4 ppl to help me whit this, if ur intrested don’t be afraid to pm me.

and as always, feel free to give any feedback!

This is one of the first mmo game projects ive seen on the site with serious results. Keep up the good work

All I can say is… wow… God help you, but it looks like he already has… You, I think are the first to come this far on your own… WOW!!

Only problem is that the castle you have pictures of looks like that city from lord of the rings.

thx! glad you like it so far! ,the goal ain’t to make an mmo, but to make an online based game, whit alot of mmo/rpg elements.

Thx! :), I don’t think I’m the first one… , and there is still allot of work to to until I will even be able to call it an alpha, but whit some time i’ll get there :slight_smile:

I think u mean Minas Tirith - the capital of Gondor.

The city is inspired from it, and it should be as I’m an big fan of J.R.R. Tolkiens and his work whit the “Lord of the rings”.

Minas Tirith, and yeah it does now that you mention it

… I might be able to part time this, but only because your place holder textures (as I assume they are) are bad enough to make my heart skip a beat. This isn’t a problem really, in the alpha stages, but if you plan on moving closer to a beta stage, that could be SERIOUSLY bad.

Please check your PMs, I sent you one just now.

OH and I was talking about the city’s textures, the others look fine.

check em’ and gave you an answer.

…and yeah, the city got some rly bad texturing, but I haven’t been putting that much time in to it just yet, It will hopefully be improved later on.

thx for the feedback! it’s appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!
it haven’t gone long sins the last update on this but allot of progress have still been done.

Firstly, The project got an new Team member, Pohatu23!, You are warm welcome to the project and the team!

We have some others to that might join us later on, but I haven’t got any confirmation from them just yet.

Moving on to the progress that have been done:

Server side updates:

  • server now have full control of the Airship, if no player is using it
  • server got some new commands as: refresh connections, reload starting values
  • server will now kick players that have timed out (not been responding fore X seconds)
  • corrected some errors that made the server to randomly crash and slow down
  • server now support players to be inside of buildings

Client/game updates:

  • added 3 new locations
  • added an animated campfire
  • added an map feature whit live update of the players location, that can be turned on/off and made smaller/biger
  • added 1 new types of trees, animated and using LOD - made by Pohatu23
  • added added some ruins randomly placed in the world, Using LOD - made by Pohatu23
  • added some new rocks and flowers to the world, Using LOD - made by Pohatu23
  • added 1 new castle to the world (not completely done yet), Using LOD
  • added 2 new house models to the world, Using LOD
  • added Animated water to the world, Using LOD
  • Added snow to the world (still need to be improved)
  • Fixed some landscape errors (Floating trees, stones , etc)
  • Fixed duplicated fireball error
  • Fixed some index errors in the data-receive module
  • improved the gr8th castle a bit, fixed some wrongly turned faces, removed some duplicates and made the texture cleaner)
  • improved the LOD by adding an new lvl whit an empty mesh
  • improved some scripts
  • improved movement and sync of airship
  • more…

and now some pictures of the progress:

showing the new forest and the new water.

forest where almost only made out of objects created by Pohatu23

improvements and some work-in-progress of new area’s:

hope you like whats been done so far!

… and don’t forget to leave feedback, positive as negative, it’s all needed

Remember that we are still locking for ppl who is willing to help us whit this project and join the team. if you are interested send me an PM or leave an comment.

Hey esoneson, great job !
I’m still thinking the near rocks are a bit too low-poly, you should just apply a subsurf to them (keep the far LODs like they are)
I’m sorry but I made a mistake, I sent to you an older version of the file that has not got vertex painting on the ruins(so they’re uggly)

Here’s the real file(I did not do anything with the rocks or other things, I just vertex-painted the ruins):
[edit : link removed]

Here’s a village:

At least it was a good handpainting exercise(every texture is made from scratch)

Okay, time for an update!

Here is what have been done from the last update:

On the server:

  • added an function that will let the players have an name (before this where done by ip)
  • redone and finished an region system, this system will have the flowing functions:
    — Only send data to players that are in the same region
    — handle Max allowed players in the same region (eg. only allowing 10 players to be in the same building at the same time)
    Only load LOT, Enemies, ant more for the region that the player currently is inside of
  • implemented an NPC handling system (this ain’t fully done yet)
  • cleaned up allot of code
  • made implemented an priority system to avoid lag for the players (prior players that are close to npc’s or/and are in highly populated regions)

    On the Client:
  • Implemented an amazing village made by Pohatu23
  • Implemented some Npc’s made by Pohatu23 (no AI yet, need to finish that on the server side)
  • added some new houses/ buildings
  • added some new animated trees
  • added an tree-village (not fully done yet)
  • added some more decoration to the world
  • improved the ground textures on some parts
  • added more variation to common trees/stones/etc
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Fixed some LOD object’s not showing correctly
  • added options for decreasing/increasing the graphics
  • remade some textures/scaled down

Everything that is implemented do ofc use LOD.

Other than that I wold like to welcome our teams newest member wabuilderman!
Welcome to the team/project!

and as usual, here are some screens of the newly added stuff:
(remember that some are only using place-holder textures)

If you have any opinion or just feel like it, do leave an comment!

And don’t forget that we still are locking for ppl to help us out whit this project, if you’re interested feel free to say so in an comment or PM me!

i like your idea and i love to join and help i am a modeler and an animator and i know in texture things
one of my models

I sent you a PM a while ago :wink:

Nice work, do you have any spells done? Need simple scripts for spells /enemy ai?

finally, an update!

So here is whats been going on lately:

  • I have been working on putting up an homepage for the project, where the team and I can more easily communicate and work, all that is left to do whit this is getting my isp to approve it

  • the reason why this update have been taking so long time is mostly my personal life, that lately have been taking a whole lot of time.

    Now to whats been done on the game since last:

I have been given Manny gr8th ideas and contributions, but haven’t been implementing that many as I have been hardly working on cleaning up the main file’s. This is now nearly done and in the progress I have been able to implement some new gr8th features that hopefully will improve the look of the game.

The biggest news is the completely remade map.
this map is way bigger than the last one. This one is built up of 256 pieces whit an area of 1100 * 1200 blender units (to put this in perspective, the main player is about 1 unit)
if you run around all of the land it will take you about 30 minutes, and then there is allot of water on the map to.The map currently holds about 40.000 items, many of them whit collision.
This is done by loading the items on start, building lists and having dynamic spawns of all collision-boxes that are needed.
all of the floras (mushrooms/flowers/etc…) can now be picked up.

Other improvements:

  • the wizard can now jump
  • improver movement script
  • optimized lan script
  • some optimized textures
  • an new village/town
  • some new houses
  • new npc rabbit - whit basic AI
  • 5 new spells
  • two new tree models
  • allot of other new content to the world
  • some new/optimized scripts
  • more…

There are still allot that need to be done on the world (improvements/corrections/etc…) but here are at least an video of what it is currently locking like (the recording is giving me some lagg/delay):

We also got 2 new team members p.proj and Magich have now joined the team! Welcome!

Well thats all for now, hopefully next update wont take as long as this one did!

and plz, don’t forget to leave an comment!