The Wizard

I’m working on a short intro animation about a wizard in a tower, and the previous wizard that was made wasn’t working well when animated so I’ve been chosen to re-make the wizard. This is my model so far.

Any feed back about things I could do to make it look better would be appreciated.

Oh, I don’t know… maybe… legs?

Or close the gap in the robe.

If you are looking for advice on good topology for animation, you’ll need to show wires (a screenshot of the mesh in edit mode, edge or vertex select mode.)

Tough to comment on how to make it look better without seeing some concept art for the animation, or some screenshots of the environment he will be placed in, or the level of detail of other characters. As to the color and design of the robes and hat, that’s for your artistic judgement.

He’s too young, make him older :wink:

Thank you very much, I’ll work on ageing him. :slight_smile:

Here is a wire frame of the wizard.