The Wizards Towers

Here is my latest Blender image. its not pure because the mountains were done in Terragen and the Ter2Blend plugin was used. But I am insanely pleased with the results I got with this. I had always found problems when trying to use Ter2Blend because the terrain wouldn’t line up right with the background image. I figured out that problem, but i was still stuck with the one major problem of Ter2Blend. When it imports the landscapes, it does it but it doesn’t keep the texturing. So to keep it you backbuf a rendered terragen image, and give the terrain a low alpha setting and a material that reflects shadows only (say you had a ship fly over the mountains, it would have a shadow that followed the terrain curves. I got the idea to create a lot of mist in the terragen image and then use blender’s mist settings. I rendered and with a touch of the photo-repair tool in photoshop 7, i got this nice little pic.
(copy and paste)

I have some wireframes but geocities is being stupid and won’t let me upload them.

Nice render. I love Ter2Blend. You might want to give World Forge ( S68s Plugin ) a try too. It can make some really nice meshes.

I like the general picture, but what stands out for me is that the montains in the background and sin wave like - i.e they don’t have jagged edges.

hmm nice atmosphere. CAn’t see the bottoms of the towers, and they look sort of like spaceships lifting off, what with the red glow and all… :wink:
and the mountains directly behind the towers look awfully flat. as if they’re painted on cardboard. Maybe they’re too smooth, rough up the surfaces?

The bottom of the towers arent supposed to be seen. Darn Ter2Blend doesnt look right with them in there normlly. So i just photoshopped them.

What everyone said above, i like the image and think the mist is cool. The mountains do seem 2 smooth. Not hard to fix though :slight_smile:

yeah, i’ll tweak the image in terragen and see if i can make them less jagged.