The wolf

Hi. This is my new work. Everything modelled and done by me. I was not going for very realistic look but for something eyepleasing and beautiful and like the frosty look of everything. Btw, who will find the owl on the scene will get a gold medal :slight_smile:

I am planning to animate this wolf now walking somewhere there, going to drink or chasing somebody. Still think about the plot.

Would like to hear your criticism

Was told on the forums that without grass it looks better


I actually like it better with grass. How long did it take? I think the wolf being captured in motion would help it along. I like it

Thanks. It took probably two or three weeks because i was leaning a few things in the go. About motion…thats what i am currently working on and learning, so far walk cycle has been done but planning whole animation with a story

The anatomy of the head looks off. I think the muzzle area needs some touch up. The biggest thing to fix would be adding a simple rig and posing the wolf. It will make the render much more realistic and dynamic.