The Wonder Chair (wip "bonk machine" for WC#72)

Here’s something I’m working on for Elyisun Weekend Challenge #72. I call it The Wonder Chair:

LOTs of details to be added :smiley:

What does it do? I’ll let you wonder about that a bit… :wink:


An update:


Great. Now I have to add like a million things to my Power Chamber, just so I can be on your league.

I noticed some jaggies on the tubes (lower left), and the left tower seems to be floating. Also, the leg part of the chair looks weird (like boobs, or a butt). Lastly, add some more stuff to the room, since weirdness is the name of this WC.

Looks like a dentists chair. Nicely done, nothing to crit here, just put in more details and the usual technique stuff (Lighting, materials, etc)

Thanks for the feedback, Joe! It’s definitely a weird chair :smiley: I still have plenty to do with this, more wires and gadget parts to add, texturing too. I will use a higher degree of subdivision/OSA for the final render too to get rid of those jaggies :wink:

I look forward to seeing your entry and whatever else people come up for this challenge. It promises to be very interesting :slight_smile:


haha, you’re right, rogerm3d, only I think dentists might be the furthest thing on someone’s mind once they sit in this thing :smiley:

I have a bunch of modelling to do yet, equipment to add, etc., and then I’ll work on the materials, texturing, and lighting. I think I might try some recursive envmapping in this one too.


An update, slightly different angle:

Still more to come :wink:


Everything overall is looking better. However, if I was even a little bit more perverted, I’d start making jokes about that new handle. :smiley:
I see that you smoothed the tubes, and started adding the random crap that makes places look authentic.

PS- Is this by any chance a lazy chair, like the one in The Even Stevens Movie?

PSS- If you can, save the render as a PNG, since it wold look much better.

Love it… but it’s not built for peoples is it??? minime maybe??

very nice. I would liike to see it with textures and some dramatic lighting tho

Looks good Robertt. One thing I don’t understand though is how one would get in or out of it.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!! :smiley: Some direct replies:

Smoky Joe: Yes, the design is more demented than ever :smiley: I added some random stuff (see below). It’s kind of like a lazy chair. Also, I’ll consider PNGs. Right now all my stuff is in jpeg, and I vary resolution to keep down bandwidth consumption. For WIPs I use about 30 - 40% compression, whereas for final renders I use anything from 1 to 20% compression depending on how much I can compress without there being too many jpeg artifacts.

Dante: Thanks! I’m working on the textures. I’m experimenting with a “fake gi dome” and some alternative light setups. Check out the update below.

Macouno: Thanks! I worked a bit on the proportions since my last update and even stuck a block figure in there to make sure a person of average height could fit in there :slight_smile: Hopefully some additional objects in the room will help establish dimensions as well and make it somewhat more believable.

Modron: Thanks! The center part that comes up from the chair retracts. The final design may not make that point apparent just because I’m running out of time and am trying to focus on textures at this point.

Here’s an update:



but the main chair texture sucks, maybe get a nice seamed leather texture or something?

This is a mock-up of someone actually sitting in this contraption :smiley:

I’m not going to put someone in the chair for the final render though. This is taking way too long as it is without having to worry about a semibelievable character :slight_smile:


If you want, I can let you borrow Turkey (red-haired dude from this WC and the music one).

He’s fairly movable (though he still has some issues in the arms).

That’s so nice of you to offer that, Smoky Joe :slight_smile:
The more I look at this the more I think I’d rather go without a figure. So many of my previous weekend challenge entries I spent time working on figures and that never seemed to matter in terms of the voting. Anyway, I think I came up with a feasible story to go along with this scene, something about the inventor disappearing after the initial test of the “wonder chair” and that no one since having the courage to turn it on or figure out how it works because of that incident. This is how it earned the name “wonder chair,” because people wonder about it. Some think it has to do with time travel, while others think the inventor stumbled on to other technologies – age reversal, teleportation… basically a lot of conjecture. :slight_smile:

Well, seeing that in print now I think I’ll go with that… yeah :smiley:

GX Monkey – I know :slight_smile: I’m trying to work on that texture. I think Dante’s suggestion of “dramatic lighting” will come in handy :wink: Originally I wanted the chair to be a cheesy plastic thing, something like an old chair picked up at a garage sale and converted into this by some mad scientist (like the guy from Back to the Future or something). Then it got a little more serious looking, so I’m still working on a more appropriate texture/lighting setup. It looks great with the lights down real low, but then all my nifty background junk gets lost. I’ll work it out…


Okay, I’m done. A lot could be improved likely, but I got the textures/lighting the best so far from what I’ve done over the weekend. I’m posting the final scene in the Finished Projects section.

Thanks for all the great feedback, and good luck to my fellow participants! :slight_smile: