the work of the last 2 years

hi guys, I’m Bruno from Italy, this is my first post on this forum but I’ve been following you since the beginning of my interest in cg and blender, which is at the moment the only software i’ve come in contact with. In the every day life I’am a medical research student doing a thesis in neuro-immunology in Milani, in Italy. I created this blog today afternoon collecting some of the work of the last 2 years, hope u guys will enjoy and any kind of criticism is welcome. I apologize for the poor english, but I tudied french and german too, and have a bit of confusion in my mind :eek:
in any case, this is the blog!

PS: on the top there are the old renderings, for the recent ones go to the oldest posts!

Wow. My jaw dropped at the gorilla. Nice work. ‘Ravine’ reminded me of the sort of decor of early part of Resident Evil 4.

i’ve never played resident evil 4, but than you! for ravine I tried to create something “fantasy.looking”, and I discovered how hard is to create landscapes at the same time! nowadays, looking back to it, I don’t find it a good image, it’s really too flat…

:expressionless: wow…some epic stuff there; the gorilla is awesome but for me its the navi from avatar…you should make separate threads for some of the pics, some gallery quality stuff there for sure :smiley:

thanks peter! gorilla and avatar are very old, now I’m trying to learn Cycles, like in the “workstation” rendering…

Well here is what I meant, though it’s not a very good image to show as an example, but the best I could find. I mean the rockface and the like.

EDIT: I just had a closer look at the image I just posted and saw that it is a really bad example of what I meant. Just disregard what I’ve said, xD. (Besides the praise for your work ofc, ;).)

no no, I agree, in fact the light is quite similar…as I said, I don’t find this rendering particularly good, I just dropped it out…

Bruno, you have some truly amazing stuff there!

Please, post them on the forums (not just a link to your page) - you’ll get more viewers that way (for example, I rarely visit external links)

Bravo Bruno, tanta roba :slight_smile:


thank yuo for the advices guys, I am going to create new separate threads soon! grazie Marco!@ristesekuloski

Man… there are some superb works there. I specially liked the gorilla and the rhino. Congratulations!

thank u! I did a lion too last year, but my old pc had no RAM and it was impossibile to make all the fur, maybe i’ll finish it and post it with the new macbook, to complete the animal stuff!