The World has suffered a terrible loss...

I have just been informed that Noriyuki “Pat” Morita, best known for his role as Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid movies, has died in is sleep. My heart will forever wax on.

let us all wax on and wax off for one minute to remember what he taught us.

in all seriousness, he will be missed. =(

Damn! :expressionless:

If you ignore the fact that Karate Kid was a new definition of awfulness, his death is a regrettable loss.

He wasn’t named ‘Miyagi’ in the film by accident. In spite of some cheesiness, the film has a deeper meaning than most people realize.

Rest in peace Morita Noriyuki.

Is that so? I know “yagi” means goat in Japanese, but I’m not sure about Miyagi…

It’s a reference to Chojun Miyagi. :slight_smile:

All this time I thought it was a reference to Mimi Miyagi!

I’ll let you google that yourself for obvious reasons…

Pat was a stand-up [edit]comic[/edit] back in the day. He was pretty funny. Then he landed the gig as “Arnold” on happy Days :))

Sad to hear about his passing, I enjoyed his characters…Miyagi and all.

And I just watched the Krate Kid movies ;_;
The fourth one was on tv yesterday.