The world in 50 years...

A friend and I of mine were arguing the other day over what the socio-political nature of the world will be in 50 years - i.e. who will control the world and things like that. Any thoughts from you people?

Politicians, cause we’re all too dumb to know that a monkey in silk is a monkey no less.



mmm. bananas.


no EU won’t be running the world it will be all of US :stuck_out_tongue:


Microsoft. Oh, and Autodesk too.


France :smiley:

HAHAHAHAHA good one wiping tears from my eyes

Everyone knows that China, India and Russia will join in a alliance and make beautiful babys that will one day grow up to be sexy hot mamas.

Linus Torvalds.

Communism :smiley:

Ha. No it’ll be one world order… unfortunately. Single currency, single language, etc. Although it might take more than 50 years.
I just started enjoying the US being a superpower.

We’ll all be hideous psyonic mutants that live underground and pray to a golden atomic bomb. %|

it’s so…shiny! ooohhh…aaahhhhh…

Maybe in fifty years we’ll finally meet the vulcans and escape this crummy rock. :wink:

Maybe in 50 years there will be nobody here. What with arguments stirring over Iran and their nuclear program. I think self-annihilation is quite a strong possibility.

it’s so…shiny! ooohhh…aaahhhhh…[/quote]

Hahaha… Classic stuff…

Now THAT’s Chuych!

i like nukes!


well, i wont care about whats happening to the world in 50 years because ill be a wealthy, wealthy 66 year old man. all that money came from my marvelous 3d career in which i worked at several famous companies including pixar. i will also have a museum celebrating my works of art, which made the world realize that we should appreciate each other instead of fighting, thus ending ww3. and i will have the world leader as my closest friend, having him secretly in th palm of my hand (i will rule) :Z .

Humans are like cockroaches, they’ll never go away without totally eradicating everything necessary for life to survive. They’re easy to kill, but there are a lot of clever people on Earth.

It’s a popular fringe theory that this is the second time humankind has had nukes, given the talk of them in ancient Indian texts and the abnormal amount of background radiation there.

…the real reason why troy fell…

it’s begging to be asked…
what exactly does “popular fringe” mean? arent’t those two mutually exclusive?