The world is changing, so is Blender. How should the forums adapt?

Administering we also rely fairly heavily on tags(and only admins can create them) and try to avoid having too many categories, so far it seems to work fairly well. It probably also helps that there is a tag cloud that users can see.

We use vanilla though instead of discord, but tags are tags.

Just my 2c.

edit: and the front page here does feature a drop-down for all tags.


That was exactly my point here. Tags aren’t easy to ‘discover’.

Oh, one thing that the Discourse team IS working on is ‘tag descriptions’, so you can at least provide a little more context. I don’t think they have an ETA for that yet though…

Edit: link


So let’s say moderators have tags well specified.
But what if a user starts to post, and is not using tags at all.
Then the next user is searching for posts (using tags), and won’t see the previous user’s post.

It’s just one example of using tags in a not consistent way. That wouldn’t happen with categories.


In this regard Discourse is more modern and accommodating than vanilla, in that trust level 3 users can tag un-tagged topics. An active, massively populous forum like can probably manage fairly well.


As @Felix_Kutt said, this is where the forum community can help. TL3 members can add tags to threads as required. Members below the TL3 level can flag a thread to the moderation team and we can add the tags. Flagging isn’t necessarily just for highlighting “bad” behavior or the forum.


Well, if you go for a tagging system, make sure you have a backup in case of insurrection for the users. :slight_smile:

When is this going to happen? Because it’s badly needed, either way. I don’t know where to post my geo nodes questions. Right now everybody uses the same thread. It’s a big mess now.

When it comes to categories and tags, I would much prefer that the forum does not do away with sections, or at least not reduce the sections to the bare minimum needed to keep the site from looking like Reddit (where people have to constantly make new threads because useful ones keep getting buried).

I would also be wary of making changes out of being ‘trendy’, as such changes are rarely useful and often cause a regression in product quality (with the only usefulness being it gives you some buzz words for marketing and to impress the under 30 crowd).

In short, I would oppose the idea of trying to make the site too reliant on tags, the traditional forum structure was never a broken design that needed to be ‘fixed’ in my opinion.


If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

Yes, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

Like tags or not you can see all of the tags like this: