The World on Display

Oooh… Let me guess… Indigo, right? I could tell because the noise in Indigo takes on a more cloud like texture than pure noise.

Yep thats Indigo… characterised by it’s realism, unique noise and massive PNG images that take ages to load on slow internet connections. Regarding the scene, very nice, but the walls seem too plain… too CG… even a brand new wall isn’t perfectly smooth, and shelves don’t have perfectly sharp edges. Also, the nebula photo is a little confusing, I don’t know where its positioned in the scene because it doesn’t cast a shadow. Other than that, it’s really good. Well done!

Looking nice, although the pure white shelves are a little odd. I think it might be nice if the shelf and wall were different materials.

I’d definitely recommend converting the image to jpeg, though. PNG offers lossless compression, but it excels at images that have large flat colors and gradients. In parts of an image with high noise levels, it offers practically no compression what-so-ever. A jpeg will loose some detail (very little if you choose), but offers significantly better compression. In any case, a 3.8MB image is a little excessive (IMO).

Actually, I can’t figure out why the image is that big. Even a 24-bit uncompressed BMP at that resolution is only 2.25MB. Weird.


Cool, it looks like the image is currently being rendered in my browser!

Next time, could you please add a progress bar so I can see when it’s going to be done rendering? Thanks!

(I can’t comment on the image because it’s still “rendering”)

Even a 100% quality jpeg would reduce the file size by a large amount and it would retain virtually all the detail. The render is very good, quite realistic and very classy.