The worst Christmas of Santa Claus

Hi, I was playing with trees, and I had the urge of making a Christmas scene.
So, here is one done with Blender and some post-prod in Photoshop :
Happy Christmas. Don’t expect gifts, Santa will be late this year !

Looks good so far.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone

very well done.
and is the santa black? or is that just real dark lighting?
Well overall its a pretty nice deviation… well done and very finished n’ polished.

Well, no, Santa isn’t black (for what I know !), his face is just not lit.
Thanks for the comments.
Good news : Santa Claus has been found by the Blender rescue team.
The reindeers are still in the wild though…
Well, I have edited the face in Photoshop, and also the shape of the flare.

Nice image. My only crit is that his foot prints continue a bit in front of him.

Well, they aren’t foot prints, because I added them by hand in post-prod… It is a part of the snow texture, or a shadow. I hadn’t noticed that they could appear like foot prints. :o