The Wow Factor

Hello, i was recently interested in buying the wow factor (Andrew Price, which you probably already know) and I had some questions.

If their was a limit to the copies he had,and if they’re gone and I can’t get it now?

Does it come in a download by email, or is it an actual disc or a physical book type of thing?

Please help, I would really like to get the wow factor, but I am very confused.:confused:

What andrew was selling was a collection of video tutorials, PDF documents, and some interviews and they are all download.

However he took down 2 tutorials because as he stated that he must remove them because they were used to much. Kinda strange but well … It’s an ebook, but there are bonuses.

ok, thank you, but my pc has very slow internet, (I curse dial up) so would iit be possible for me to download it at a library from my email and take it home on a flash drive?

Well, what’s stopping you from asking your local library? I’m sure they’ll let you download if you’re a nice person.

The formatting of his website reminds me of the 3DMagix scam :smiley:

Haha, funny self promotion. I felt the same but figured the site was built to be tongue in cheek. Anyway, i bought the book and can attest that its not a ripoff. Quality knowledge to be had.

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me roughly the file size of the wow factor download? thanks.

It really isn’t worth the price. There are much better tutorials online that you don’t have to pay for.

Compressing everything in my Wow-folder (e-book/pdf, tutorial video’s, some texture images) gives a 405-MB file.
(Apparently, some bonus tutorials were removed from current Wow-factor package so file size might be smaller now.)

I felt the Wow-factor (which I still use as reference from time to time) was worth my money in 2010. Got me more familiar with the compositor in short time.

Link to those tutorials? I haven’t found anything as comprehensive as The Wow Factor appears to be.

trust me, Andrew provides all the details, and more, (atmospheric fog, for example), in his free tutorials. Each one will have a composting part, just watch and learn

I’d have to say that it was well worth the money when it came out. Quality educational materials related to compositing were missing -esp regarding 2.5x. This is not the case anymore. Most of Andrew’s tutorials involve a lot of compositing as already pointed out by others on this thread.

If you’re really interested in compositing I’d highly recommend Foundation Blender Compositing because it is a very comprehensive introduction to the concepts. It’s major drawback is that it’s written for 2.49x but unlike the interface the concepts have not changed a tiny bit! :slight_smile: Catching up with the interface is not a big issue while understanding the concepts is far more challenging if you’re inexperienced in that field. So I’d say that Roger’s book is a timeless classic.

In my opinion, Sebastian’s cmivfx compositing videotutorials are compositing-wise the best educational materials out there. Without doubt, top-notch stuff which I’d highly recommend. Online delivery was the only problem but not anymore as one can grab the video for offline viewing.

Check out: