The Young Eye of A Killer

Decided to spend a few hours today learning Fur in Blender, so I created this Lion Cub Eye. Felt like it turned out pretty good! Critique is welcome.


wow, looks amazing, how many guide hairs did you use? fur and hair is something that i need to learn how to do, you did a great job. congrats.

Thanks Andrekling! There is about 4500 Guide Hairs in total, with 5 total particle systems controlling the different hair types, etc. I could have definitely added more, to get a better roughness variation in the hair, but my computer would probably die trying to render it lol.

Yes, very nice. I definitely like the fact that you can easily see an entire scene reflected in the pupil of the eye. The areas of the eye surrounding the pupil might need just a little more tweaking …

Thanks! Yeah, it was something I definitely wanted in the scene. I even originally planned for a camera to be reflected in the surface of the eye. But only having 4 hours to create it, I skipped out and just went with the skybox reflection. And I completely agree with the eye surrounding the pupil, I definitely need to do some more study on they way the eye works.