The Zenith Project -- A journey of pulling many ideas into ONE game

An atmospheric experience teetering on the edge or reality, and beyond.

Here you will find all of my progress throughout the game’s development. Feel free to leave any input you have and constructive criticism you deem necessary. I will respond whenever I can, usually shortly. So sit tight. This is my first full length game development, so it might be a bumpy ride.

Early title screen concept:

I will try to update the thread with new content often, at least weekly.

Oh I’m liking this :). I’m getting a sort of futuristic hacking vibe watching the video. It’s looking super clean and I love it.

Thanks :slight_smile: It will be a mix of futuristic science fiction and epic fantasy. I have some simple concepts, but at this point everything is subject to change…

That’s looking real good but it seems like the hand and the gun are sprouting out of my neck.

I see what you mean, but everything is just conceptual at this point. It will make more sense when its animated and the arms are in motion, I think. I have to see things in a pseudo finalized state to help me shape my ideas, so I just kind of put it together. I think visually like that. Also, that’s why I prefer logic bricks whenever I can use them. Piecing together a code as connectors and snippets makes so much more sense to me.

Come on my dude, programming is so much fun. I have made so much money because I know how to program.

This looks nice. I like it. :slight_smile:

A quick level one update after the first day of development:

Level1 Acts 1 - 3 so far. I have another npc in mind to add to Acts 2 and 3 later on. I want to keep the first level fairly simple. Currently, all of the levels use the same random seed so they have roughly the same layout. I’ll change this later on. I have since started work on the second level as you approach the mothership.

I think the creepy alternate reality look to it is awesome

Thank you. I will try to keep the same style throughout the game.

A preview of level 2

And I started making the HUD more dynamic. Intractable and shootable objects now change the crosshairs red.


I just realized I called the menu main the loading screen… I think I was really tired when I uploaded that. Try to point stuff like that out if you see it :slight_smile: I never notice when I make mindless mistakes like that.

New title menu and added pseudo volumetric clouds with transparent planes and the effects of bloom:

How did you do those clouds? If I were to do it, I would use a cloudy texture that has halo face orientation and uses depth transparency and the opacity decreases as the player comes closer

How would I change the opacity dynamically? I tried billboard and halo face orientations, but they showed the edges of the planes too much when the player moves.

Currently, I’m just using stacks of 3 planes on one mesh slightly apart from one another, with normal face orientations and no backface culling. I have one of these parented to each piece of land.

Here is an example. You need upbge for it to work.


cloud example.blend (733 KB)

This Game is amazing i like it !!!
Awesome filters bro !!!

Keep it up bro… Im impressed.


@Fred/K.S, Thanks so much. I have a lot of interesting areas to come. I have 3 main levels planned, each made up of a lot of smaller levels with a unique atmospheric look and filters. I’m also currently working on a bonus stage that can occur anytime during the game.

Enter the grand carriership and fight off powerful the Pha’enam alien race in level two! (No music yet)