Theatre illustrations


I was comissioned to do visualizations for an architectural project of a theatre so I decided to approach it from a backstage view which is mostly skipped. It gave me a lot of freedom and space to practice modelling.
Time was limited so I didn’t “tick” all the detailes I was initially planning but still the result gives more of an illustration feeling than a commercial project (at least to me). All of the textures are done procedurally inside the scene and models are made for this exact project (except for the chair in the left corner).

Thanks for your attention!
You can see more works and get in touch with me via Instagram.


When I started I couldn’t find models of lights and projectors so I made them from scratch to have reasonable amount of details for close-up shots. Probably I’ll upload them on sketchfab or patreon so they will get more use.


Great work, congrats.

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Thank you!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot!

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