Theatre Room

Im designing the interior of house and I’m almost done the modeling of the first room; the Theatre Room. Id really appreciate your feedback before i finish the modeling, so i can implement it, thanks.

Below is a picture of it so far, but I encourage you to click the link at the bottom so you can see more angles of it, Thanks!

(P.S. I would of posted them all on here, but i don’t think I’m allowed to post image over a certain size, and they all are. I posted one, but i don’t want to push my luck.)

You’ve started out well. I like the proportions, and the nice aesthetic quality does justice.

I think you ought to put some complex ceiling lights, and start working off that.

All the best!

thanks, what about modeling, is there any big objects that should be added do you think?

I think that the couch looks rather small in comparison to the tv and the rest of the room. I think it needs to be wider and have a higher back. Right now it looks like it could hold more than five people. A like the light idea, but how about a popcorn machine?

where is all the colour?

Aww zeffii, you killed it. I was going to say he needed a few more watermarks just incase someone stole his images.

FloorPlay, be my guest :slight_smile:

Nice edit zeffi.