theatre *update*

Well, its been a little while since the me last blender project but I finally got some inspiration. This is just a rough “sketch” so bare with me. Not much to say really C&C welcome if you can manage anything :stuck_out_tongue: .

Next things to be added are light fixtures, some movie posters, and detail the building itself (not really sure where I am going to go with it but have a small idea), and put some materials on it.

Hi…It’s the theatre’s enter,I think…It seems cool…Try to add some other things(buildings,posters,street-lamps,cans,benchs…)

Good work!

OK got a little work done (kinda busy so not working on it very fast). The trees are just there as place holders tell I model a more detailed look, I dont like the light fixtures so I am going to work more on them. I dont know what I am going to do with the presepiece thing its just kinda rough out of something unknown yet. Next thing I am doing is adding new trees and windows in the upper level, maybe?

Ooh, bananas!

Well, I’m guessing they’re supposed to be palm trees or something, but that’s what they look like to me…

If they are palm trees, then you should flatten the leaves somewhat, and make the curve on the trunks longer.
If they’re cactuses, they need more cactusey things.
Of course, if they’re meant to be giant planted bananas, then they’re just fine as they are - or maybe once you given them some materials :wink:

Excellent geometry on the building and the benches and stuff, though. I always find blender makes me turn everything to a more organic look if I’m not concentrating…