Theatrical prop design (Jafar's staff)

Okay, I am going to be Aladdin in a musical of Aladdin, and I am going to be making Jafar’s staff. This is the idea I have so far, (I know, it’s a cg render, but the project really isn’t) and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to how I can make the design better. Thanks!


If I recall correctly Jafar had a lot of snake-like symbolism incorporated into his character (in fact in the move his staff was shaped like a cobra). Maybe bring out some of that in the design.
Looking good so far.

Yes, well, the director wants something more ornamental, and less symbolic, so she thought the just plain old jewel was a good idea… I’m really happy with the body of the staff, (I think it will be easy to make as well) but I’m not sure about the top part, any ideas as to how I can keep the top part simple, but have it flow a little bit better?


Alrighty, had a little more time to work on this, here’s a new plan for the top, what do you guys think? I had some feedback that it should be more pointed, and I worked a little on the proportions. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, especially since this is something I’m actually going to make…


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