Theblender sci-fi project!!!!

I made a forum!!! A blender related forum for all us SCI-FI geeks. I did it as a test for a forum making app I got for my iPod.

Enjoy :smiley:

do you pay something for server space or its free?

It’s free.

You do know you can sign up right?

I signed up. I don’t have anything sci-fi built yet, but probably will in the near future. I think, that if you want it to be sci-fi only, you should probably state that srongly on one the homepage. If I promise not to ruin your forum, can you make me an admin? Pretty please? :yes:

Edit: However, I have a problem. I just tried to reply to your first post, yet was told I am not allowed to post in it… What’s up with that?

Okay. I’ll make you an admin.

And check your email for an account activation.

I already did, and activated my account. However, I don’t understand why were you up until 3:30 a.m. doing that forum… Couldn’t it have waited until a decent hour? :smiley: Not that I would ever do something like that… Never.

I’m an admin!! :smiley: Happy dance around the room…

The time is off. I have been having trouble getting to sleep earlier a lot lately for some reason though so I do usually not fall asleep till 3:00. I dont like it to be honest.
And yes you are an admin. It took me a while to figure out. But you are now an administrator.

Okay I sent a deactivation email so go and reactivate it and tell me if that works.

Never mind I reactivated it.

Yeah, if worked, but since you already did, I obviously couldn’t reactivate it…

I don’t really have any use for being an admin, but it sounds a lot cooler that “user” doesn’t it?

Wow - you are an admin! Wowsers, isn’t that grand! Should I respect you now ? I much prefer not to if you don’t mind as I think all admins are power hungry and out to rule the world.

@kbot, You don’t have to like, admire, esteem, respect, venerate, rever, agree with, or see eye-to-eye with me… I am afraid however, that you will have to put up with me. :smiley:


@TWS–Need some input here… Think I should send a friend req as well as a PM with that quote to @kbot? Don’t want to get in trouble.

I finally got it working well enough to the point we as Administrators can post. Not sure if registered users can though. Someone wanna join as a member??!! :smiley:

I think you should add Skype to the list of contacts for users. If simply because the fact that I have skype, and don’t have the rest yet… :slight_smile:

I know. I’d need to :smiley:

OKAY!!! it is now post-functional so all you Sci-Fi blenderheads go on and join!
I still need to work on board design (I need to get rid of the big “BLACK BOX” title and replace it with a logo.).
But at least everyone can post now.

Note that this is NOT a substitute for BA. It was originally a test for a forum making app but I decided to use it instead of delete it.

Federal regulations require me to tell you that the forum I made…is looking pretty good!!!
Yes everyone I have finally got a proper logo installed on it. So enjoy the scenery :D.

Okay. It is now officially working! Sci-Fi geeks and fellow blenderheads, come on down :D!!!