This was going to be an entry to the WC#145, unfortunately I didn’t post it on time.The theme was so out of my style, but I see it as experience…

I love the scene. Really origional. I like the style of the cat and dog too.

One little crit. Perhaps ther shouldn’t be visible sky under the dog. It makes it look…weird.

Great job beside that :smiley:

Very good.

Maybe you could add something in the sky ?


The background leaves much to be desired, but the rest is nice and stylized. :smiley: The eyes of the character on the left are a tad lopsided though.

Since you’re not able to enter this in the WC, why not spend some more time on it and elaborately texture that butterfly? That would make a great focal point.

Very nice. Lighting is a little dim though.

Very cute. I love it.

I love those little critters! It kinda looks like they are in love. 8) Reminds me of those neopet thingies (neopets.com) or those uh, “san mario” (i think nthats what they’re called) things. Prolly never heard of them. Anyway, great render!

I love this “cartoonish” feeling, keep it up!

Good job indeed. It seems that the cartoon feel is getting easier & easier to create or I’m still a far off from getting it right… %|