Theeth is protagonistic, PlantPerson is ok.

This was taken from a PM he sent to me where he clearly states that they do not delete threads, simply lock them:

I have never removed any thread simply because it was controversial, it is my policy and the forum’s policy to lock, not delete, controversial discussion. If you can point me toward a locked thread exhibiting these problems I will certainly take a look at it. If you can remember the name of a thread that was deleted, I will try to look into that as well.

So if they only LOCK threads, then what the heck happened to the thread I started about being reopened? I’m sure this will get deleted too seeing how it throws a bit of light on what the Mods are doing.

Sorry Mods, but you guys need to just man up and admit what we all know.

I wont be back for a while, I have to go to work, but before I go I’m going to take a screen shot of this thread because I have the strange feeling that it will be deleted too.

Dude. Grow up. The mods are here to help, not destroy your life. Stop being paranoid.

Plantperson is one of the fairest mods I’ve ever seen, on any forum.

If I were a mod, you would have been gone long ago…be a bit more respectful to the guy.

quite true.
maybe if you didn’t start useless threads, they wouldn’t be deleted/locked :wink:

PlantPerson didn’t remove anything, I did.

And please do fuck off. You knew full well when you posted it that it was against the rules to talk about illegal file sharing, so starting a thread on that explicit topic was foolish.

Please stop taking whatever gives you these paranoid delusions.


Actually. This falls into advertising websites like behavior. Like cheap Nike’s or cellphones from a chinese site.

Politics and religion is different. Actually. I find it kinda funny that it is allowed on a blender related forum. Mostly because its only started by a few retards like ******… Of thousands of members only a couple make this place look like white-trash-no-proper-education forum.

Edit: What theeth said.

Al Capone doesn’t start religion threads. Unless being afraid that electricity will take over the world with the use of baseball at the wrap around date of the Mayan calendar is a religion, I’m a tad outdated theology-wise.

No need to resort to name calling.

PS: Now the thread has a more fitting title. Merry Christmas everyone!

Removed the names but no worries. If it walks like a duck…

wow theeth and bigbad0.o.

-_- jackblack, serusly stop being paranoid. I haven’t been on the forums for a long time, but I think plantperson is a very reasonable mod. I don’t think he would delete a thread, unless it was really stupid, and totally agaisnt the rule. Even if he did delete the thread, I think he would be right of doing so.

white-trash-no-proper-education was the name calling.


I’ll remove that if I can find a replacement word. Cause that exactly what people think when a thread topic like this is created.

PlantPerson’s quote quoted:

it is my policy and the forum’s policy to lock, not delete, controversial discussion.

I tend to lock threads when there’s a lesson in it for someone (like the somebody assaulted a maid thread). The lesson in that one was don’t follow this poster’s example and post personal attacks on other members. However, somebody unlocked it (apparently at the behest of the accused) and the slander continued. That’s when I DELETED it. To expect mods to jump thru hoops so you can continue to snark others is a little bit inconsiderate and shows an incomplete grasp of the etymological root of the term “respect.”


I did.

ps : not against or with anyone … , just trying to pour water on flammes .

Jackblack, you used to be pretty good at actually using Blender, then somewhere along the line you got sucked into the off topic vortex. These guys have been pretty patient with you, the fact that you can still post is a testament to that. I think you should crack open Blender more and google politics/social issues/swine flu/area 51 much much less, you are becoming an Endi, lots of talent but an asocial personality.

maybe immature is the word?

There was no oops. Like Fligh explained, deleting is sometimes the best thing to do.


What about any of these words?


There’s quite a lot of negative personality traits you can assign to people (I don’t encourage the use of these words, and there’s still more out there)

Some threads should obviously be deleted,
Otherwise someone can make a controversial opinion or statement, but no one can respond because the thread is locked and your opinion is thrown out as long as it’s on the fist page.

Don’t question the mods.

Controversial threads are locked. The file sharing thread was not controversial, it was illegal, and deleting it helps prevent us from being sued.

Also: jackblack, have you ever considered the fact that banning you would be entirely justified, and yet we haven’t done it? Seriously, man, the fact that you’re still here is proof that mod team here is very forgiving and tolerant.

When I saw the title of this thread I thought it was going to be full of friendly Christmas compliments… boy was I disappointed.