theeth's Fisheye technique


Hey Theeth can you remind me how the heck we got that to work???

Thanks bro!!


I think what he used was the panorama effect in the Display buttons (F10).

Start off by clicking the panorama button.

Next lower your SizeX to be around 20 (this is how wide each sample will be)

And raise your Xparts to 32 (20 pixels * 32 Xparts = 640 pixels-> which is how wide your final image will be)

Hit render and watch the fisheye effect unfold!

It couldn’t have been explained better than that!

Cujo: just follow what Ripsting said, that’s exactly what I would have said.


Or, you could always shine a camera into a half sphere, with and Env map. I tried that once, and had a Really cool panoramic effect!

Select Camera hit F-9 adjust lens as w i d e as you want. 35 is standard and 20 is pretty darn fish eye.I believe you can evan do a 360 if you get the aspect ratio right. and as they say

By the way…


I taught that to my kids in our 3D club yesterday and they loved it!!!

thanks for the assist!