Theevan: Complete Blender, Makehuman made Movie Trailer Now Available!

The trailer for the 3D-animated short film ‘Theevan’ that I am currently in the process of making as part of a Uni assignment is now ready.

Btw, I only have 1 year experience using Blender and Makehuman and no experience with character animation, design, etc, so I’m well aware that my character animation is a bit stiff and fake.

Here are the links both in High Definition:

Feel free to check it out, comment, criticise, etc.

Hello!, I’m Howard, CEO of Pyramid Films, I am currently working on a Blender Motion picture, this looks good, check out my project at

Bye for now!

Some really excellent editing for the trailer. Very professional. Some excellent shot set up too. Looks like an interesting story too. What’s the ETA?

said in the vid july 2012, hopefully it will on time :slight_smile:

Looking Good. Thanks for showing.

Hi, Just to let you know, his website is

Just thought I would post it so that YOU don’t have to watch the trailer right to the end if all you’re interested in is the website.


Looks promising.I really love the camera work.

Hey, this is cool! Do you mind if I post a link on the MH website?

There are a lot of new clothes coming up in MH, made by real artists rather than by a poor software developer. So you don’t have to use my ugly old sweater :-). And there is hair now, too.

Nice project.
It’s a nice showcase of what can be done with Makehuman.

@bizla: makehuman characters export to blender pre-rigged. Is there a reason you want to do it yourself from scratch?

Hey Solowy! Hows the project going? got a date yet?


Gah, sorry for the very, very late response. I posted this last September and thought the thread was dead!

I don’t know if you’re still struggling with the MH rigging but I’ll answer anyway. I exported my Makehuman character as a .mhx format and provided you have the Makehuman plugin for Blender, this should easily import the mhx file at the click of a button. The rigging is already set up. You can go straight to posing. There is also a good amount of facial expressions as well.
The Makehuman plugin also has a very useful mocap feature. I’ve been using this to quickly create animations. I couldn’t be bothered animating the walkcycles and other actions like jumping, running, fighting, etc since there was too much to do so I just downloaded these actions and applied it to the character.
Hope this answers your question!

The film should release early July. Although, if I manage to finish in 1 month, I might reconsider an earlier release since I’m now working on the climax of the film!

My pleasure. Thank you!

Thanks! Really appreciate it!

I don’t know if you’ll see this but sure you can definitely post a link on the Makehuman website! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Makehuman! Made life so much easier!
I’ve just looked at some of the newer features of Makehuman. They look really good! Much more useful to have more wardrobe options and also hair. The earlier struggles I had with hair made me resort to a bald-headed character. Will definitely update my Makehuman for future works.


Hello again Howard! The project is going well! 90% of the film is finished and I’m working on the climax now. So much more work to be sent to the renderfarm.
The film should come out by latest July 10th although I might release it much earlier than that. I should know the exact date by a month maybe.

Another trailer for the film is also coming soon and will post this once complete.

Hi, just to let you know, my teaser trailer is out for my project,

This Theevan trailer looks amazing by the way!