their pillars; waves

Hey everyone!
Here is a new render of my artwork from March, “their pillars; waves.”
Please critique harshly!

Please critique harshly!

Hey, very nice! Some advice,

In terms of composing the objects characters and actions in the image are off, so you have a lot of free space that you are filling with water. The rocks and humans are forming a circle, so everything should be at the center of the image. Maybe you should draw in paper where do you want everything to be and then correct it.

In terms of modeling the rocks and the male bodies could use some work. Try to get some reference images of the muscules of the human body (Andrew Loomis it’s a fine dude), and from real sea rocks.

The texture in the water it’s not accurate, the waves should come from the rocks and not be cut by them

The posture of the ones who are in the water it’s unrealistic too, i’m not sure if they are swimming or saluting their fuhrer

it looks great any way, keep it up! hope i helped. Sorry for the bad english