THEME 167 rock´n roll

(HellBok) #1

well, hope u don´t think im kickin rock´n roll, im a R´n R FAN, just the R´n R is a world of fantasi fo me


(andrewprice) #2

Thats pretty cool.
How did you get the smooth transistion from the wire to the full render?
Post Pro?

I like it. :wink:

(HellBok) #3

tnkx is post pro

(juanjavier) #4

Nice image…interesting transition…I like it.

(Renskuinen) #5

This type of transition can be made in Photoshop. It takes about 30 seconds to erase the “top” layer with the raptor. The “bottom” layer contains the wire. The secret is in the layers! ( The raptor was not modelled by me. I just used it to demonstrate the transition effect. )