[THEME] Blender-Facebook-Theme (2.69)

hello blender-friends,

here is a new theme, i created just for fun, which will transform your UI into something which resembles a popular social network (so you can fool your collleagues or just use as halloween-costume for blender)

Download 2.68 version : fb_2.68.zip (4.8 KB)
Download 2.69 version

happy blending

Hi, looks funny but cant get it to work with 2.68a.
I use > “Install Theme” in user preferences after unzip your file.

Cheers, mib.

Hey, it is created in 2.69 rc 3. But i will check it in 2.68. Hope i get it compatible :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, something gets pretty messed up -.- somehow, my theme got overided. I’ll fix it.

Ah, thanks, will try with my build today.

Cheers, mib

Hey, i made it 2.68 compatible. fb_2.68.zip (4.8 KB)