Theme colors in 2.68

My custom theme colors are changed in 2.68. Mainly the edge color is not what I prefer for use in front of a reference image.

This is 2.68 in front of 2.67
I tried to register & submit a bug report but the registration failed for some reason.

Have you tried changing your theme settings in user preferences ? If yes is there a problem settings what you want ?

Yep I can make changes in the preferences but they don’t change in the view. I end up with part of what I want. The vertex colors & part of what I don’t, the edge color stays black & that’s harder for me to see in front of a monochrome reference image.

Ok I see now there is a “wire edit” that can be changed. That wasn’t there in 2.67. Although the “wire” color is still set to the color I wanted & ignored.