[Theme] elysiun-blue


Based off of the built-in theme of similar name which is grey and orange, but with the orange parts having been made blue.

Screenshots work wonders for Themes. :slight_smile:

I know I know lol first I had to figure out how to take a screenshot with kazam on openbox… this one’s for you!

This looks quite a bit like Graph: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?328050-Theme-Graph-1-41-(In-Trunk-Now!)
I’m not mentioning it to imply you stole from them (you both based your themes on Elysium, I’m sure!), but pointing it out so you can either use Graph yourself, or push your theme in a different direction. The latter option sounds like a win-win situation for all of us, because more variation is always nice!

Nah, Graph’s blue is more desaturated, and also has a gradient on the viewport. This is just literally elsyiun with ( as I’ve said ) the orange parts made blue.