The object of this theme is to provide a simple, functional, and catchy theme all at once. This theme aims to strike a nice balance between warm and cold colors while also aiming to streamline functionality by creating consistency between color combinations and interface functionality. I’ve set any theme aspects where functionality was not found to green. Keep in mind this is a very early version and I plan on having multiple iterations.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

estuary_0_03.xml.zip (5.23 KB)


Just a quick question, is there any standard way to package custom icons with the xml file? I’m pretty new to blender so I’m still unfamiliar with some of the interface windows.

EDIT: Another goal of this theme is to make it compatible with f.lux to avoid eye strain, some stuff will obviously be changed since the program overlays a strong orange tint onto the screen.

Amazing for me :smiley: thanks